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Specialized Services

  • Fire / Marine / Engineering Pan India Basis

  • Features:
  • Single Point of Contact for Insured & Insurer
  • Joint Loss Inspection Report signed at time of inspection
  • JLI / ILA within 24 hrs upon completion of survey followed by LOR
  • Assessment sent for consent to Insured upon completion of salvage (as agreed between LISLA and Insurer)
  • MIS sent to Insured and Insurer on weekly basis
  • Loss Minimization measures in PPT format submitted every 3 months
  • Formats:
  • Process & Single Point Contact
  • Joint Loss Inspection
  • Immediate Loss Advice
  • Assessment
  • Draft FSR
  • MIS
  • References:
  • Branches & Network
  • Pan India Clients
  • Major Losses & Inspections
  • Our Special Features
  • Monthly MIS including the status
  • ILA within 24/48 Hrs right after completion of survey
  • Dedicated resources for Non-Motor
  • Reports in 24 Hrs (after receiving all the documents)
  • FAQ to customers in our Web
  • 3 years soft copy of every record
  • 2nd opinions in unresolved claims/disputes

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